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    Pickup, ASAP (in 30 minutes) Change Pilao Premium PIZZA (8 inches) RICE PREPARATIONS MOMOS 0 Pilao Premium PIZZA (8 inches) RICE PREPARATIONS MOMOS Pilao Premium Order your favourite dishes with just few clicks & get it delivered at your doorstep or pick it up . PIZZA (8 inches) Made with delicious ingredients & fresh with love. Classic Cheese Pizza With our 100% cheese pizza, you'll get more cheese than you can handle. Made with 100% mozzarella cheese, it's the best for those who love their cheesy pizzas. Our thick crust is made of 100% whole wheat dough, so now you can indulge without the guilt! vegetarian ₹98.00 98.00 INR Classic Corn Pizza. We’re taking pizza to a whole new level with our Classic Corn Pizza. This mouthwatering masterpiece is made with corn and cheese, so it has a unique and delicious flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, it’s packed with protein, so it’s the perfect way to refuel after a long day. So why wait? Order yours today! vegetarian ₹107.00 107.00 INR Classic Cheese & Onion Pizza. Pizza is good. But pizza with cheese & onion is better. Made with fresh ingredients and slow-baked to perfection, all the flavours of Classic Cheese & Onion will be sure to make your mouth water. vegetarian ₹107.00 107.00 INR Classic Onion & Capsicum Pizza. When you want a pizza that's light and not oily, this is the one. It has the perfect balance of sweet and spice, made with onion and capsicum. vegetarian ₹128.00 128.00 INR Classic Tomato & Onion Pizza. Taste the flavour of happiness with a pizza made with fresh onion rings and tomato slices! You can never go wrong with this savoury dish. vegetarian ₹128.00 128.00 INR Classic Paneer Pizza. Looking for a pizza that's different from the rest? Try our Classic Paneer Pizza! This pizza is made with paneer and veggies, so you're getting a healthy and delicious meal. So don't wait any longer, order our Classic Paneer Pizza today! Special vegetarian ₹148.00 148.00 INR RICE PREPARATIONS Vegetable Pulao One-Pot dish made with rice & vegetables with added spices & herbs having medium spicy taste. vegetarian hot ₹109.00 109.00 INR MOMOS Handmade momos for those perfect momos & cozy feeling Veg Cheese Momos [4 pieces] Your favourite veg momos with cheese stuffing for that perfect taste & spiciness. vegetarian ₹79.00 79.00 INR Paneer Cheese Momos [4 pieces] Your favorite paneer momos with cheese stuffing for that perfect taste. Special vegetarian ₹80.00 80.00 INR Veg Momos [4 pieces] Momo with all the ingredients stuffed in one. Contains almost all the vegetables. spicy vegetarian ₹80.00 80.00 INR Mix Veg Momos [4 pieces] Momo with all the ingredients stuffed in one. Contains paneer & corn with other vegetables. Special vegetarian hot ₹80.00 80.00 INR

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    Experience the Premium Membership Pilao Platinum Club ₹ 3999 3999₹ Experience Premium Coffee at it's best Valid for 3 months Subscribe Now 80 Premium Cold Coffee delivered at doorstep. Exclusive Recipes. Hands-On New Product Launches. Platinum Club Membership.

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