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Our Story

Pilao Premium Coffee helps you experience premium coffee like cafe, now at home.

Taking a short break from work, or chilling in with friends, we have variety for everyone's need.

Our aim, is to make people of our community experience premium coffee in life's simple moments one cup at a time.

Sit back, calm down & sip in the moment.

Hi, I'm Tanmoy - Here's my story.

Pilao Premium Coffee

Love for coffee was never ending for me. During my college life & after graduation, I was travelling to different cities in search of perfect cup of coffee & was left amazed with the variety.

After starting my life as a Photographer, I found comfort in coffee breaks in my working city. Pleasure matching up to the delightful experience of sipping on a Hot Mocha Coffee - A dream experience with dash of chocolate in coffee.

Spending a huge amount on excellent yet expensive, I tried to recreate the same at home & found that cafe like coffee experience was missing.

Craving for something that was delicious, easy to make, didn't contain sugar & gave premium quality.

Hence, I made my own - Pilao Premium Coffee.

Premium in it's own, providing experience of great coffee!

Blending the highest quality of coffee with flavours of love to provide an experience of a lifetime. Pilao Premium Coffee brought cafe like experience to my morning coffee routine.


Proud of the coffee & coffee products, we have created & can't wait to share a premium experience with you.

Made in India with ❤️

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